Spiritwalker transitioned into Pure Consciousness a few weeks ago. She did so from home with friends at her side. She left in pure Grace and Love.

Those of us who are left here will miss Spiritwalker a great deal and bid her a fond farewell. We celebrate her life and are excited for her as she begins a new adventure in what existence may bring.

We will be leaving the website active for a number of months for those who wish to remember her and her work.
"This is information for Awakening. We have joined together to make this accessible. Follow these essays. We will each contribute information. This joining together for this purpose is new. We have called on Sal. She has accepted our call and channels information from us". (Seth, 8/8/12, 14:43)

Messages from Seth and Others are found throughout our website. Enjoy this information. Use our information to improve your life and the lives of those around you. Use our information to change yourself, your community and the world. As individuals change, so does the world. Create individual and world consciousness change.

Personal Essay

Posted: 09/05/22

"Bring beauty to your living space. Beauty, Comfort, Spirit".

(Abraham 07/24/22 11:12)

Excerpt from Book 1, New Awareness From Seth and Others:

"Responsibility is a fundamental part of all life and all worlds' existence. All events in the world, glorious and tragic, are formed by a mix of personal, community and collective thoughts, actions and feelings. Be mindful of your actions. Be mindful of your thoughts and feelings. Your thoughts, actions and feelings create the world. You are personally responsible for your individual life, for your world and for the events in your world.

This understanding is not to be used to blame. This understanding is to be used to heal the world". (Archangel Raziel, 10/3/12, 07:29)

"Your world is changing. Trust that, even in chaos.

The forces of despair, hopelessness, fear and anger are losing their foothold. They are scrambling to reinstate their 'reign' because they know they are lost.

Humanity, and all beings on earth and the earth herself, have moved beyond the need to learn from struggles.

Learn from LOVE". (Archangel Gregory, 9/23/18, 08:02)

Excerpt from Book 2, New Awareness From Seth and Others: Individuals and Communities:

"See what '19' uncovers. Recognize the Gift of Truth you are being given. '19' shows clearly that 'misfortune' is being used to 'shine a light' on the abuses and inequities of our current system.

See. Wash your mind of beliefs that have supported the old way.

Free your mind. Flow with the Earth's vibrational change. Immerse yourself in the Flow of the New Way. LOVE". (Spirit, 5/21/20, 05:39)

"Permission has been given for Spiritwalker to channel and write about Seth and my involvement in the books. My support is a given. All permission is given by all of us". (Jane Roberts, 12/10/12, 22:29)